For Parents

We understand how agonising it can be to let your kids out into the world. That feeling that you want them to grow and learn more and have their own experiences, but at the same time you want to make sure they are safe and continue to protect them. If your child has a desire to have an overseas adventure, the summer camp experience is very structured and one of the most rewarding things they can do. It is a great safe platform to other life journeys.

What camp is really like is hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it. It really is like a home away from home where your adult son or daughter will be living on-site and be part of a camp community. They will be able to interact with like-minded people from around the globe who have come together for common goals. It is a great place for young people to enjoy the independence and freedom of being overseas, but in an environment where they have rules to follow and responsibilities to fulfil.

If your child is even considering working at camp, then you must have raised a good one! It’s a job that can be tough, with long hours and with little financial payback (it is a cultural exchange program). However the rewards that they receive in terms of their personal and professional growth are invaluable.

As a parent you are no doubt looking at things from a practical point of view. Our Camp Counselors USA program is a great option as a starting point for travellers because of its supportive nature and inclusions such as the ones listed here:

  • All participants receive an insurance policy to cover their time at camp (this can also be extended travel before and after camp).
  • We have a 24 hour toll free emergency assistance line while in the USA.
  • They will live at a camp and know the location before they depart for the US.
  • We are an official US Government visa sponsor and sponsor the visa directly (not through a third party).
  • We are the same company in Australia & New Zealand and the US, and have been established  since 1986.
  • All of our staff have worked at a US summer camp.
  • As a mandatory part of the program, each participant must attend an orientation before departing where we review many aspects of the trip ahead.
  • Staff are put through intensive training upon arrival at camp.
  • Each participant receives specific travel information and instructions on how to meet their camp.
  • Our staff monitor the camps we work with and visit many camps and participants throughout the summer.
  • You’ll find more information on these things and many more aspects of the Camp Counselors USA (and other programs) on this website.

Finally, please remember that your child is an adult and that they are our client. They are applying for a job, so they must complete the processes themselves to show CCUSA that they are independent and mature enough to work overseas without you. Indeed, it reflects much better on their application that they can communicate with us throughout the process. 

We recognise that this may be their first time travelling alone, but part of that adventure is the independence they will experience and develop. We are here to assist them and we ask that you refrain from ‘advocating’ on their behalf and contacting us about their application. We are always happy to have parents come to our information sessions, fairs and orientation meetings to find out more, however please understand that we can’t give regular updates on behalf of your child.

We hope that you encourage your young adult to take part in this amazing experience. They will have a great time while gaining valuable work experience that will help boost their career and resume. We look forward to assisting them with their adventure.