Global Media Information

Are you looking at writing an article or do an interview on CCUSA or about one of our exciting programs? Well our Media Department is here to assist you. With a Global base of over 50 offices and 150,000 past and present participants we know that we will be able to provide you with many great stories and adventures.

For any assistance, please contact our Global Media Department.

Once we receive your e-mail our Local CCUSA Country Office Media Representative will contact you immediately.

We can assist you in a story or interview with:

  • A local past participant of our programs to find out first hand what it is like to work overseas.*
  • Someone who is getting ready to depart on their overseas working holiday.*
  • Our Local CCUSA office who are able to tell your readers/listeners about CCUSA and our programs.*
  • Possibly one of our overseas employers to find out why they hire international staff through CCUSA.*

*CCUSA will seek prior approval from our participants and/or employers, before we can release any personal contact details or working information to the media (as per the CCUSA privacy policy).

Other Possible Story Lines

US Job Fair mean stories to share

With Employers from the top ski resorts, amusement parks, national parks and summer camps embarking on a recruiting tour, the story leads are endless!

Spending summer in the snow

The many reasons why thousands of students pack their bags every summer and head to the snowfields of North America…

Camps in America

Why are camps so popular for Kids and Counselors alike?

Bridging the GAP

Why many of today’s school leavers are taking the time out of studies to learn a more valuable lesson in life.

Climbing mountains, crossing rivers

How today’s youth are bridging the gap between different cultures and societies and forcing globalization through international friendships.

Have something to write home about

An overseas working holiday is more than just seeing the sights and happy snaps. It seems that as tourists we want to immerse ourselves in the culture we are visiting, rather than shut ourselves from it. This is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Need Photo's or Video Footage?

For media related stories we have available a large selection of photo's and video footage for your use (please see terms and conditions before using).

We hope that you find this service of great assistance and we thank you for helping spread the word about CCUSA, and helping to make this world even smaller through Cultural Exchange programs like CCUSA.

Thank you,
CCUSA - Global Media Department