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Applications for Camp Counselors usa 2021 open JUNE 1. register now click on the apply /login button.

Everyone gets a job! For 30 years, all CCUSA participants have been placed! That's on average over 400 kiwis placed at camp every year!

Set up your personal program call- click here

Sign up to do Camp Counselors USA & Work Experience Canada and get a 15% discount on the Work Experience Canada program!  Image living and working in the USA & Canada for up to 2 years!

Program Overview

The Best Summer of Your Life

CCUSA is an official J1 Camp Counselor Visa Sponsor who organise work placements at summer camps in America. 

Since 1987, CCUSA has been placing Kiwi  counselors at the finest summer camps in the USA. During this time, over 10,000 Kiwis have trusted CCUSA with their summer camp adventure. Our focus is securing the ideal camp to match your personality and skills. 

Known as the 'Summer Camp Specialists', we take great care in placing every participant at the right camp.  Summer camp work is demanding, but the rewards are endless. We pride ourselves on our personalised customer service, affordable program with stacks of inclusions, local office and representatives across New Zealand and an unmatchable reputation with our participants and our summer camps. We are proud that we have found a camp placement for every Camp Counselors USA participant for 30 years.

With CCUSA you will receive individual attention and service from professional and experienced staff who have all worked at summer camps in the USA. These things make CCUSA the most popular way to organise your camp adventure. 

The American Summer Camp Tradition

  • America’s camping tradition began in 1861 and currently boasts over 12,000 summer camps, catering to 10 million children annually.
  • Camps are set among the country’s most beautiful and remote landscapes.
  • Camps offer campers from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn valuable life skills in a nurturing environment. 
  • Properties often include lakes, pools, sports fields, cabins, creative/performing arts facilities, ropes courses, horse corrals, camp fires, and a whole lot more.

Your Role at Camp

  • As a camp counselor you will be an ambassador for your country and a role model, guide, cheerleader and hero to your campers and peers.
  • You are outgoing and eager to share your knowledge and responsible for your campers 24 hours a day.
  • You need to be patient, have a good sense of humor, adaptable, flexible, able to teach or lead campers in a variety of activities and have prior experience working or caring for children.
  • Supervision, safety and well-being of your campers along with commitment and lots of positive energy will make you a successful candidate.

Want to see what camp is like? Click here to see a short video about what you could be experiencing at a US Summer Camp!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Trust CCUSA With Your Camp Adventure

#1 CCUSA has placed EVERYONE for 30 years! 

#2 Camp Counselors Job Fairs!
CCUSA hosts American Summer Camp Directors in New Zealand for you to interview with and secure a job on the spot.

#3 CCUSA (Camp Counselors USA) is an authorised Official US State Department J1 visa sponsor!
With frequent changes to US visa regulations, CCUSA recommends you only use an official J-1 visa sponsor. CCUSA is an official J-1 visa sponsor, designated by the US Department of State. You will work with CCUSA in New Zealand and be placed by CCUSA in America, who will also issue you your visa paperwork and support you while in the USA. 

Be wary of non-visa sponsors in New Zealand who are working as Third Parties. When you visit the US Department of State J-1 visa website you will see CCUSA/Camp Counselors USA listed as designated visa sponsors.

#4 Low Program Fees - Early Bird $699!

#5 Quality service, personal attention, commitment to placing you at the right camp.
The Staff in our office in Auckland and Local Representatives throughout New Zealand have all worked at American Summer Camps. We know what camp is like, so you will get an honest and upfront explanation of camp and what to expect from your amazing camp experience!

#6 Over 30 years working with the finest camps in the USA.
CCUSA works with over 1000 summer camps throughout the USA. This is part of the reason why CCUSA is able to place everyone on our program at camp. We have a long standing relationship with many camps (some of our staff have over 20 years in the US Camping Industry!).

#7 Global Travel insurance included with the program - up to 4 months! 
Travel with the knowledge that you’ll be covered for your time at camp automatically by signing up to the program.

 #8 Great Travel Deals! 
CCUSA's recommended Travel agent will work with you, to get you the best deals and offer top service to get you to camp and beyond.

#9 Excellent experience for your resume
A great talking point at your job interview. Working at camp will show an employer you are a mature, adaptable and responsible hard worker!

#10 24 hour emergency assistance while in the USA
We know how important it is for you to be supported while you’re travelling. Our CCUSA Head Office provides you access to a 24 hour toll free emergency assistance hotline while in the USA

To read more about these and other great reasons to use CCUSA, check out the What You Get page.